WEEE Recycling

Rehab Recycle offers safe, secure and compliant recycling for all of your waste electrical equipment WEEE, Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment, is anything with a plug or a battery such as mobile phones, printers, servers, computers, kitchen appliances, screens and televisions, etc.

All of these items which are upgraded regularly as new technology becomes available must be disposed of in a compliant manner. Rehab Recycle offers a comprehensive electrical and electronic waste recycling service to large and small commercial customers alike and can facilitate business collections as well as drop-offs to any of our permitted recycling facilities. Rehab Recycle offers our clients a safe, secure and compliant recycling service to meet their waste electrical disposal needs.

Electronic waste accounts for 70% of the overall toxic waste currently found in landfills. In addition to valuable metals like aluminium, electronics often contain hazardous materials like lead and mercury. When placed in landfill, these materials, even in small amounts, can contaminate soil as well as drinking water.

Electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) should not be considered waste. It is a resource. Useful materials such as copper, aluminium, plastic and other components can often be extracted and reused.
Please note that domestic customers wishing to dispose of all other electronic and electrical waste should visit their local authority bring sites, a full list of which is available from your local authority.

Rehab Recycle is committed to adhering to all relevant legislation and environmental standards. Find out more on our Environment and Compliance page.


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