Paper, OCC & EPS

As one of the leading recycling companies in Ireland, Rehab Recycle is one of the few companies  which collects and recycles clean expanded polystyrene (EPS) from businesses, civic amenity sites and industry.

EPS is most commonly used as a packaging material for electronic and electrical equipment.  It is a bulky material which will never decompose. Reprocessed, the plastic from polystyrene can be used in a wide array of everyday products such as clothes hangers, CD cases and stationery – transforming a waste problem into a reusable asset.

EPS is collected using reusable environmentally friendly one cubic metre polypropylene sacks. Customers simply fill the bags with polystyrene and Rehab Recycle collects them on either a regular schedule or on a 'call-in' basis.

Rehab Recycle estimate that customers who use the EPS recycling service can save up to 40% on standard waste disposal rates.

A member of Repak, Rehab Recycle recycles your paper and cardboard in line with national and European waste management legislation.

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Rehab Recycle is committed to adhering to all relevant legislation and environmental standards. Find out more on our Environment and Compliance page.

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