Material Recovery


Rehab Recycle can help customers recover maximum value from their obsolete or excess inventory. Do you have a product which needs to be dismantled to realise value back?

We can dismantle equipment using customer specifications or by designing a dismantling process that refines high value materials by separation Rehab Recycle can realise optimum value for customer’s inventories.

We can offer you a value return on many material types including;

  • Metals such as steels, gold, copper, aluminium and more
  • Printed circuit boards
  • RAM
  • CPU’s
  • Cable
  • Certain plastics
  • Paper

Rehab Recycle is committed to adhering to all relevant legislation and environmental standards. Find out more on our Environment and Compliance page.

Call us today on 1800 661 551 to see how you can achieve value back on surplus material.


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