Rehab Enterprises Celebrates 20 Years In Business!

03rd December 2014

Rehab Enterprises 20th anniversary

Rehab Enterprises, Ireland’s largest single employer of people with disabilities is celebrating twenty years of being in business, coinciding with International Day of People with Disabilities on 3 December.

Rehab Enterprises was officially launched in 1994 with a mission to provide sustainable employment in a range of different businesses based around Ireland. Its activities at the time ranged from jam-making and manufacture of hats to packaging. Today its activities reflect our changed society and economy and its principal activities are information security management, recycling, high-tech logistics and retail.

The mission of Rehab Enterprises is to provide sustainable employment for people with a disability. It operates a unique integrated model of employment, where employees with disabilities work alongside employees without disabilities across a number of sectors and employs 394 people, approximately fifty per cent of whom have a disability. Since its launch, Rehab Enterprises has grown its workforce, delivering a wide range of high quality services to customers throughout Ireland, including SMEs, and a range of blue-chip large indigenous and multinational companies.

Rehab Enterprises services and businesses include:

• Rehab Glassco: Largest recycler of glass in Ireland, gathering over 100,000 tonnes annually from 1,800 collection points in 23 local authority areas for use by the public, while also collecting from over 2,800 private customers such as pubs, hotel, restaurants.

• Rehab Recycle: Provides recycling solutions of waste electrical equipment (WEE), IT equipment, plastic, paper, cardboard, textiles and the refurbishment and resale of laptop and desktop computers to schools and charities.  This also includes a data destruction service for customers who wish to donate outmoded IT equipment.

• Rehab Logistics:  Provides outsourcing solutions to meet a wide range of requirements for customers including supply chain support and fulfilment operations.  The services are tailor-made for customers which include Dell, Microsoft, DuPont, Eircom, An Post and Rettig.

• Rehab Retail: Operating through the ‘Smiles’ brand, these deliver a wide range of products as newsagents and convenience stores in the corporate headquarters of major national and multinational companies.  There are currently 10 Smiles outlets all operated and managed by people who have a disability or have been long-term unemployed.

Paudie Murphy, Director of Rehab Enterprises, said: “Over the past 20 years Rehab Enterprises has striven to be a sustainable employer of people with disabilities, while providing value to our customers. While it faces the same challenges that any other company operating in an open market faces, what Rehab Enterprises delivers is something more than just a service to its customers. It supplies people with meaningful employment when their opportunities in life were possibly limited.  This benefits not only them, their health and outlook on life, but it also benefits their families, friends and ultimately society.  That should be a strong motivation to existing and potential customers when combined with the varied range of quality products and services that it provides. We are justifiably proud of where the business has evolved to over the last 20 years.  I would like to congratulate all of the employees, both past and present on reaching this milestone.”



For further information contact:
Karl Richardson
Head of Communications
Rehab Group
M: 0868358575

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