Glass Recycling Figures Remain High

20th October 2015

Recycling is now routine practice for householders as, according to figures released this week, glass recycling in the first eight months of the year remains high. The figures show similar levels of recycling to the same period last year with no real growth.  That is according to Rehab Glassco – Ireland’s largest glass recycling company – which released glass recycling figures this week to mark Repak Recycling Week (19 - 25 October).

In the first eight months of 2015, on average 55 glass bottles and jars (primarily spirits and wine bottles and cans) were recycled per head of population. In the period from 1 Jan - 31 August 2015, Rehab Glassco facilitated the collection and recycling of over 82,990 tonnes or almost 265 million individual bottles, jars and cans. The people of Leitrim were the top recyclers in the country, with deposits of 76 bottles or jars for every man, woman and child in the city. Galway City was the next best at recycling, with an average each of 75 items of glass recycled per person. Tesco in Artane in Dublin was once again the busiest Rehab Glassco collection site, with 267.66 tonnes of glass deposited there so far this year.

David Farrelly, Rehab Glassco Operations Manager said, “These figures show that we are maintaining the high levels of glass recycling that we have built up over the last 15-20 years. It shows that glass recycling is now a normal part of people’s household routine. There are challenges however, the most notable being the deterioration in quality due to members of the public putting non-glass items such as ceramics and pyrex ovenware in the bottle banks. We are one of the best countries in Europe for glass recycling, but to keep that status we need to continue to recycle while paying attention to what we put in the bins. We would like to ask the public to only put bottles and jars into the bottle banks, please.”

Seamus Clancy from Repak said: “Irish consumers have consistently led the way in better recycling, and Rehab Glassco’s figures are gratifying and show how it continues to build on its success, year on year. It is proof that Rehab Glassco continues to lead the way when it comes to glass recycling and helps keep Ireland within the premium league in Europe in recycling.”

Rehab Glassco continues to lead the way in glass recycling in Ireland, providing over 1,800 collection points made up of over 11,000 bottle banks in 23 local authority areas for use by the public, while also collecting from over 2,800 private customers such as pubs, hotel, restaurants, etc.
For further information, contact: Róisín Fitzgerald, Senior Communications and Public Affairs Executive, Rehab Tel: 01 205 7268 / 086 810 1291; Email:

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