Data Destruction

confi bin

Putting your digital media beyond use?  Rehab Recycle have a destruction method which is effective on hard drives, tapes, CDs, memory keys, mobile phones, credit cards, and x-rays.  We offer secure, traceable and certifiable destruction of data in accordance with local and EU legislation with comprehensive reporting available. We offer a cost effective solution to meet your data destruction requirements.

Secure Data Destruction
On-site destruction of hard drives, mobile phones and media tapes destroyed on or off-site. Certification of destruction is provided and assets can be tracked by serial number.

Destruction by
• Crushing
• Shredding
• Drilling
• Degaussing

Secure Data Erasure
Digital Data Erasure using Blancco, a software programme accredited by the US Department of Defence and the UK Ministry of Defence, data can be wiped at your site before any equipment is removed or at our secure facility. 

Confidential Document/Digital Media Bins
A secure tamper proof bin which holds up to 70kg of digital media. Choose an on-site confi-bin for your digital media and we will not only destroy the contents but we will also asset track and report back to you.

Once-off secure clearouts of documents and digital media with asset tracking are our speciality – just call us on 1800 661 551 for a quote.


The Data Destruction Process

Step 1


Rehab Recycle issues customers with unique tamper-proof 'confi-bins'. These locked bins have a slot to seurely dispose of confidential documents. Each 'confi-bin' can hold up to 60kgs of material.

Step 2

woman moving confi bin

Rehab Recycle collect the full 'confi-bins' from the customer, replacing the full bins with empty ones.


Rehab Recycle truck

The bins are transported to our shredding facilities.

Step 4

shredded paper

The material is removed from the bins and shredded under CCTV.


Step 5

bailed shredded paper

The resulting material is then balled and shipped to a paper mill for pulping and subsequent recycling into new paper products.






Rehab Recycle is committed to adhering to all relevant legislation and environmental standards. Find out more on our Environment and Compliance page.

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