Confidential Document Destruction

Rehab Recycle offers a nationwide confidential document destruction service. Rehab Recycle can shred your documents in line with both your corporate requirements and statutory data protection requirements. 

Need to witness the shredding? Not a problem – you can visit our site or choose on-site document shredding and we’ll come to your premises.

On-Site Shredding

Do you need documents shredded on your site? Our custom built on-site shredder will visit your site to shred your documents.

Confidential Document/Digital Media Bins

A secure tamper proof bin which holds up to 70kg of documents.
Choose an on-site confi-bin for your digital media and we will not only destroy the contents but we will also asset track and report back to you.


A secure stylish cabinet with a wood finish, fitted with a security bag which is removed in its entirety for shredding on-site or off-site. This console will blend in well with office furniture.


Once-off secure clearouts of documents and digital media with asset tracking are our speciality – just call us on 1800 661 551 for a quote.

Rehab Recycle is committed to adhering to all relevant legislation and environmental standards. Find out more on our Environment and Compliance page.

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