Why Choose Us?

At Rehab Recycle we take pride in delivering an efficient, professional and cost effective service to our customers on one of our secure sites or at their premises.

Our certification and processes demonstrate our ability to collect and track our customer’s assets, destruct or erase their data and report to high standard. We are fully compliant with local and EU legislation relating to data security and waste.

By choosing to work with us, our customers are not only fulfilling key corporate social responsibility goals by choosing to directly support the employment of people with disabilities, but they are also have the peace of mind that comes with working with a trusted partner in area of Information Security Management.

How we keep your business your business;

  • We use data destruction hardware and software which have been certified to US military standards.
  • Our people are security checked before taking up employment
  • We operate from secure, limited access facilities
  • Certificates of data destruction provided
  • On site data destruction/eradication services available

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